• Buy Garrmin Tactix GPS Navigator Watch
  • Buy Garrmin Tactix GPS Navigator Watch
  • Buy Garrmin Tactix GPS Navigator Watch
  • Buy Garrmin Tactix GPS Navigator Watch

Garmin Tactix GPS Navigator Watch

010-01040-21 1 year warranty
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  • The Garmin Tactix is the company's latest tech-packed flagship running watch, as it takes the fight to the likes of of Fitbit and TomTom.

    Rugged GPS Navigator in a tactical design

    • High-sensitivity GPS positioning with automatic calibrating altimeter, barometer and 3-axis compass
    • Bold and rugged all-black stylish design. It’s scratch-resistant, curved lens is rugged and prevents reflection
    • Negative mode liquid crystal display with green LED
    • TracBack reverses the track log to navigate back to your starting point
    • Mark up to 1,000 waypoints and store up to 10,000 track points


    Plan, Navigate, Track

    tactix lets you create routes, record up to 1,000 waypoints and record GPS breadcrumb trails on the move (tracklogs). Navigate to coordinates, along a track or route, toward waypoints or along any other selected bearing. The TracBack function guides you back along a previously recorded tracklog so you can easily find your way to the campsite, trailhead or safety of a vehicle, even in challenging conditions.

    Altimeter, Barometer and Compass

    tactix is equipped with ABC sensors (altimeter, barometer and compass) to provide relevant real-time information. The built-in altimeter provides elevation data to accurately monitor ascent and descent, while the barometer can be used to predict weather changes by showing short-term trends in air pressure. The 3-axis electronic compass keeps your bearing whether you’re moving or not.


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