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Verona Face and Body Cream Goat's Milk and Vanilla

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  • Verona Face and Body Cream Goat's Milk and Vanilla : Delicate cream with perfectly smoothening properties, appropriate for every skin type, for people of all ages. The content of rich goat milk proteins intensively regenerates and rejuvenates the skin, while deeply moisturizing. Vitamin E, also called the vitamin of life and youth, protects the skin from damages caused by the effects of free-radicals.

    About Verona : Verona Products Professional is a Polish company that was founded in 2003. It is the leading manufacturer cosmetics to make - up, face and body care, coloring and styling, as well as perfumery. Brands Verona Professional Products have won the trust of customers not only in the Polish market but also in more than 60 countries worldwide. Values pursued by the company are supported by quality research and follow the global trends that meet the expectations and adapt to customer needs.

    Verona boasts a wide range of brands. Its portfolio includes such brands as:

    • Ingrid Cosmetics,Butterfly Collection.
    • Vollaré Cosmetics.
    • Verona Labolatories (Skin UP, SPA Professional, SPA Natural Line, SPA & Wellness, Olive, Natural Essence)
    • Revia, Ryana, Henna.
    • Vittorio Bellucci.



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