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Stadler Form Anton Ultrasonic Humidifier - Yellow

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  • The guide for humidifier and humidification explains the optimal indoor climate, offers tipps and answers about humidity and how to humidify dry air.

    A little chap with a great performance that’s Anton! Although you would scarcely notice him thanks to him small dimensions, room sizes of up to 25 m2 (63m3) are a breeze for him. As an ultrasonic humidifier in highly resistant material, Anton can even distribute your favourite fragrance to perfection in the room. To ensure that Anton, unlike other ultra sonic humidifiers, leaves no traces behind him, he is equipped with an Anticalc Catridge. The Silver Cube ensures hygienic humidification. His simple operation buttons are concealed on the underside. Another elegant touch is provided by the LED water level indicator which turns red when the tank is empty.

    Small in stature, but huge in performance - that's Anton! Even if it is easily overlooked because of its diminutive size, rooms of up to 250 sq ft pose no challenge to Anton. He is an ultrasonic humidifier made of resistant materials and even capable of perfectly distributing the fragrance of your preferred scented oil throughout the room. Equipped with an anti-calcium cartridge and Ionic Silver Cube™, Anton will not leave the white powdery film produced by other humidifiers and keep the water clean and pure. Elegance and easy operation are maintained by control buttons located out of sight on the underside. Easy readability of the water level is indicated by the stylishly designed LED indicator lights which switch from blue to red when the tank is empty.


    • Water tank refillable during operation.
    • Perfect for the use with essential Oils.
    • Illuminated water level indicator, dimmable.
    • Hidden control element.



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