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Withings Pulse - O2 Fitness Tracker Black

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  • We are excited to announce that in early summer 2017, our award-winning range of products will transition to the Nokia brand.

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    A new wristband and the ability to check blood oxygen turn the Pulse fitness tracker into a true fitness band. The Withings Pulse - O2 Fitness Tracker Black activity tracker packs a lot of features, but isn't the easiest device to use in day-to-day life, especially if you're active.

    The Withings Pulse - O2 Fitness Tracker Black is different than many of the other trackers on the market.  In addition to tracking the usual steps, elevation, miles, calories burned, and sleep, it also displays your blood oxygen levels, resting heart rate or beats per minute and your blood pressure. Withings Pulse O2 a "wear it your way" tracker to monitor
your activity and sleep, read vital signs and improve your overall health.

    Listen to your heart - With its 4 LEDs the Pulse O2 measures 2 vital signs - your heart rate and blood oxygen level - giving you a quick view of your health status. Your heart rate in a heart beat - The Pulse O2 is the smallest device to measure heart rate. It lets you check your heartbeat rate on any occasion: before a date to assess your stress or after exercising to monitor your recovery heart rate. Start considering your blood oxygen level - Also known as "The Fifth Vital Sign", the blood oxygen level is an estimation of your blood's oxygen saturation (SpO2). It is a way of assessing the overall efficiency of your respiratory function.



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