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Omron Walking Style III Pocket Pedometer

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  • Omron Walking Style III Pocket Pedometer - HJ203EG : Rather than only counting total steps taken during the day you may want to measure certain times or particular activities and check your performance. The Walking style III’s ‘event mode’ lets you do just that alongside all its other standard functions. Slim and lightweight, you can take it with you anywhere to improve your walking skills. Did you know it is recommended that you should take at least 10,000 steps each and every day to stay healthy and help to prevent against a variety of health conditions? Do you know how many you take? The Walking Style III counts your daily steps The Walking Style III tells you how far you've walked each day The Walking Style III allows you to see instantly how many steps you have taken each day and therefore how much exercise you are getting on a daily basis. The number of steps you take is converted into total distanced traveled in kilometers or miles. The Walking Style III also tells you how many calories you have burned off each day, giving you a push to walk a bit further and burn off more calories. It is not always easy to find the motivation to get up and exercise, but a pedometer motivates you to incorporate exercise into every aspect of your life, by encouraging you to take the stairs instead of the lift, to walk rather than to drive or to go for a stroll to achieve your daily step goal. With a bit of encouragement, you will soon see the steps (and calories) adding up. The Walking Style III's activity mode measures steps during bursts of activity The Walking Style III tells you how much fat you've burned

    Get active : The Walking Style III features an 'Action Mode', designed for when you want to measure a specific period of exercise, for instance, if you are going on a hike or you want to know how far you walk to work is. Action mode is activated by pushing the central button and stops when you press it again.

    Monitor your progress : The Walking Style III allows you to review the last seven days of data The Walking Style III accurately records your steps via a 2D sensor. The seven-day memory allows you to review your weekly activity and calculate how many steps you have racked up over the week just by flicking through the previous days results.

    Small, discrete and easy to use : The Walking Style III comes with a handy lanyard and clip so that you can attach it anywhere on a person; you don't have to clip it to your waistband. The Walking Style III can be carried in your pocket, clipped inside your bag or fixed anywhere else on a person and will still be able to detect your stride. It is small and discreet enough to take with you wherever you go. The Walking Style III is simple to use, just manually program your height and stride length (average stride from the back of your heel at the front to the top of your big toe on the rear foot) and you are ready to go.


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