About Us

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Hyjiya is an integrated online portal dedicated to providing health & wellness tools and offers a rich array of lifestyle management solutions.

In today’s world maintaining a personal wellness is crucial to lead a better quality of life.  Join Hyjiya and avail health and wellness tools to help you make better and healthier lifestyle choices. You can gather, store, use, and share your personal health and medical information, track health events, assess and manage your health status, get yourself a personal wellness prescription, connect popular wearable activity trackers and measure your progress against wellness goals, look at a host of health and wellness content and get access to right experts anytime.

We view wellness as much more than just a state of physical health - our mission is for all who enter our doors to take one step closer to a state of vibrant health and well-being.

What is HYJIYA?

Hyjiya is a digital health and wellness platform catering to both the individual and the family; arming you with the right tools and services to be more engaged than ever in your well-being. Making use of interconnected technology Hyjiya ensures the delivery of health and wellness tools that is comprehensive, collaborative, efficient, and individualized to meet the individual and family’s needs.

Manage and track your wellness through the safe and secure Hyjiya account. Experience unparalleled access to caregivers and connected communities, learn more about what’s new what’s useful and what’s trending - and actively participate towards a better lifestyle.