• API Amino Acids & BCAA BCAA  180 TAB Price in UAE
  • API Amino Acids & BCAA BCAA  180 TAB Price in Dubai

API Amino Acids & BCAA 180 TAB

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  • API Amino Acids & BCAA BCAA 180 TAB - AAAB-180

    High Potency Power

    Here’s the deal: BCAA’s are essential amino acids that your body can’t produce, so you must get them through diet or supplements. API BCAA TABLETS are a high potency, pure branched chain amino acid tablet that’s specially formulated for before, during, and after intense training sessions. API’s BCAA delivers the most sought after amino acids throughout your intense training program.

    Leucine Loaded

    With a 4:1:1 Leucine-loaded formula, API BCAA TABLETS drive muscle growth, recuperation and repair.

    Mega Muscle Food

    BCAA’s are the only three amino acids metabolized in the muscles. API BCAA combines these three amino acids plus the power of B6 to create this advanced formula. Maintain a leaner body, prevent muscle breakdown and build muscle mass with the cutting edge blend of API BCAA.

    • Goals - Muscle Growth
    • Helps - Growth & Recovery
    • Best Used - Post-Workout & Between Meals
    • Directions - Take 6 tablets once daily.




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