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Batude Eye Contour Cream

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  • Eye Contour Cream (30ml)

    Get back the spark in your eyes. Take generous quantities of the eye contour cream on your fingertips and gently massage the eyes going from inside out. This cream is the perfect way to pamper your eyes and get back that impeccable contour and get rid of the dark circles. Apply morning and evening on thoroughly cleansed skin for best results. This is suitable for all skin types.


    ·       Glycerin BIO.

    ·       ORGANIC Argan Oil.

    ·       ORGANIC Hamamelis.

    ·       ORGANIC Green Tea.

    ·       ORGANIC Shea Butter.

    ·       Antarticine®.

    ·       OSILIFT BIO.

    USAGE : Apply on cleansed skin morning and evening. Use fingertips and apply from inside towards outside of the eye.


    ·       Moisturizing agent. Eases the skin.

    ·       Omega 6, Vitamin A and E: restructure and highly nourishing virtues. Flexibility and Elasticity of skin.

    ·       Relieving congestion, calming, astringent.

    ·       Defender, antioxidant, anti-ageing.

    ·       Feeds, protects, eases, hydrates, regenerates.

    ·       Cryo defender, Restructuring, Anti-wrinkle.

    ·       Purifying polysaccharide, stemmed from oats has an optimal and immediate face-lift effect.


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