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Bewell-Connect MyOxy Pulse Oximeter - BW-OX1

BW-OX1 1 Year Warranty
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  • Bewell MyOxy : Your smart finger pulse Oximeter. MyOxy, precision at your fingertips Detects hypoxic elements even before the body shows no clinical signs of oxygen deprivation. Painless and noninvasive.

    Testimony : “I’m training for the New York Marathon. My doctor advised me to control my blood oxygen levels during my workout sessions.” Lan.

    Control your SP02 with simple and fast measurement, in real time, Track the evolution of your blood oxygen saturation daily, weekly and monthly. Recommended for: Athletes (marathon preparation, high altitude, intense training) / People with chronic respiratory diseases / Measure your heart rate / Detect lack of oxygen in your bloodstream before symptoms appear / Discover MyOxy app : Control your oxygen in your bloodstream.


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