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CardioCycle By SenseON Precise Smart Sports Biometric Tracker

SENSEON 1 Year Warranty
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  • CardioCycle By SenseON Precise Smart Sports Biometric Tracker: SenseON provides clinical grade cardio-Pulmonary Function tracking for accurate breath and heart rate monitoring. Besides, with intelligent algorithms, rich sports biometric data are given, like professional heart and respiration function metrics e.g., heart rate zones, HR recovery rate heart-breathe rate ratio and other quantitative training data such as calories, pace and cadence.



    • The lightest HRM wearable that connects directly to your chest. Now you can train in comfort.
    • Breath Rate Measurement - Speed up your training by controlling breaths.
    • Heart rate Measurement - Monitor heart rate automatically and continuously right on your torso to accurately track calorie burn, maintain workout intensity, maximize training.
    • Sync stats wirelessly & automatically to smartphones and tracks your progress in detailed.
    • Power through 2 hours-workouts up to 7 days.
    • Breath
    • Beat
    • Burn
    • Pace
    • Water resistance : IP67


    Speed up your training By controlling breaths: Let your respiration be your guide with SenseON. Seeing your breaths per minute in real time you’ll be more aware of breathing slower giving your more energy to push yourself further every time.

    Supercharger your workout start with heart rate: Let your heart be your guide with SenseON. Monitor heart rate automatically and continuously right on your torso to accurately track calorie burn, maintain workout intensity, maximize training and optimize health – all without an uncomforted.

    Sync UP: Sync stats wirelessly & automatically to leading smartphones and tracks your progress in detailed charts and graphs that keep you encouraged to reach your training goals.

    Marathon Battery Life: SenseON Can Keep Up with You. Power through 2hrs – workouts up to 7 days. The charging suite extends battery life beyond 70days.

    Customized Planning & Real – Time Coaching: The customized intensity and load quantized by heart & respiration data improves your training and helps adjusts your training habits. Just get in-the-moment, per-sonalized coaching goes along with you.

    Comfortable Experience: Professional Kinesio adhesive focus on your performance: SenseON uses athletic Kinesio Tape to paste it on the torso to ensure a convenient and comfortable experience for several house without peeling-off. The adhesives are designed to resist, absorb and release water while retaining adhesion to your body. Kinesio Tape re-placement leads to a clean wearing every time.



    • Dimension : 22.5mm (0.89Inches) x 98mm (3.86Inches)
    • Width : 12mm (0.47Inches)
    • Weight : 13g (0.46 Ounces)



    • Casing : Medical – Grade hypoallergenic silicon rubber
    • Electrode : TiN coated stainless steel
    • Waterproof Grade : IP67


    Sensor & Interface:

    • Bluetooth 4.0 BLE / Tri-axis accelerometer / Bio-impedance – Potential Sensor Three single color LEDs


    Power & Battery:

    • Battery life : 2hrs per day up to 7 days, Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Polymer, 45mAh Battery
    • Charge time approximately 60 minutes via charging box.


    **Note : Available in Limited Color Eeditions 



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