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Huawei Color Band A1 Black

COLOR-A1-B 1 Year Warranty
AED 299.00
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  • Huawei Color Band A1 Black: As you'd expect, it's capable of tracking your exercise time, distance walked or ran, steps taken, calories burnt, as well as the amount and quality of your sleep (this last function also works for very short naps apparently). Where the Honor Band A1 stands out from the crowd is in its embedded UV sensor, which measures the radiation levels around you and recommends you a suitable sunscreen to use. The Color Band A1 is an ultra-thin smart band with ultra-long standby time of about 28 days.....


    “The smart bracelet. The elegant health care assistant.”



    • Fitness supervision.
    • Sleep monitoring.
    • UV monitoring.
    • Fitness measurement.
    • Health data center.
    • Call Notification.
    • Smart alarm.
    • Bracelet search function.



    HyjiyaStore is a wellness platform to buy Smarthealth, Fitness Accessories, Activity Trackers and Huawei Color Band A1 Black in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, UAE. Now Shipping to Doha Qatar, KSA - Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman in the GCC and 1 Day Delivery in UAE.

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