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iHealth Wave Wireless Activity, Swim and Sleep Tracker

IHEALTH-WAVE 1 Year Warranty
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  • iHealth Wave Wireless Activity, Swim and Sleep Tracker: When you think of activity trackers, you probably think of counting steps or maybe heartbeats. But the iHealth Wave (Activity, Swim and Sleep Tracker) lets you count splashes instead.  Wearable devices that allow you to track your activity and create a record of your performance are hugely popular for motivating those who want to improve their fitness.

    Let's dive in with the Wave, then. It's waterproof, of course, the round tracker fitting neatly into a waterproof wristband like the rubbery bands for the locker keys they give you in the local swimming pool. You can choose from either blue or black. The iHealth Wave connects to your phone via Bluetooth to record your progress. While it does record traditional activity like how many steps you walk and how far, the Wave also gives you an analysis of your swimming, measuring different strokes and numbers of lengths. Finish the day on a positive note by going swimming. iHealth Wave automatically tracks the duration of your activity and detects 3 types of swimming (breaststroke, crawl, backstroke). An activity report is displayed directly on the screen after each session.

    Why use a connected bracelet for activities and swimming? Daily physical activity has beneficial effects on health and especially in prevention of chronic diseases. Swimming is one of the most complete sports. This activity benefits the cardiovascular system, helps to develop muscles, soothes and relaxes. Very often recommended for overweight people, swimming trains the respiratory and pulmonary systems and relieves the joints.

    Why do we love it? The stylish design of this mirror-effect dial bracelet perfectly fits your wrist. It blends with your style thanks to 2 bracelet colours included: black and blue.



    • Color : Blue & Black
    • Compatibility with Android and iOS



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