• IHS Power Pack Bundle
  • IHS Power Pack Bundle
  • IHS Power Pack Bundle

IHS Power Pack Bundle

Pre+Whey Pre Work out + Whey Protein For Heavy Workout
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  • IHS Hydro Whey 2 kg + IHS Double Impact 280 g (Save Dhs. 165)

    IHS Hydro Whey 2000 g


    100% Hydro Whey Protein is the product which contains all the bioactive fractions of whey proteins: beta-lactoglobulins, alpha-lactoglobulins, glycomacropeptides, immunoglobulins and lactoferrin. 100% Hydro Whey Protein is produced exclusively from high-quality whey protein hydrolyzate obtained as a result of isolate microfiltration at low temperatures, thanks to which all the proteins it contains are non-denatured and have bioactive properties. 100% Hydro Whey Protein is marked by a high content of branched-chain amino acids (BCAA) and glutamic acid. 100% Hydro Whey Protein is ideal for all athletes who wish to supplement their diet with easily digestible animal protein derived from cow's milk whey. 100% Hydro Whey Protein is particularly suitable for use in the phase of building muscle mass and strength; it can also be taken during the burning of fat due to high-protein diet.

    Available flavors: vanilla, chocolate.


    Micro- and ultrafiltrated hydrolyzed whey protein isolate; sweetener: sucralose; for vanilla flavor: vanilla aroma; for chocolate flavor: chocolate aroma, color additive: chocolate brown; for apple mint flavor: apple and menthol aroma, color additive: pistachio green; for orange flavor: orange aroma, color additive: orange yellow. CONTAINS SWEETENERS.

    Qualitative composition including active substances

    Amount per serving (30 g)

    energy value

    115,48 kcal / 483,49 kJ


    0,84 g

    including saturated fatty acids

    0,34 g


    0,15 g

    including simple sugars

    0,06 g


    27 g


    0 g


    150 mg


    RDI – Reference Daily Intake in %


    Dissolve one full scoop (30 g) in 250 ml of water, apply up to two servings daily, preferably at breakfast or another meal or after training. Consume immediately after preparation. NOTE: DO NOT EXCEED RECOMMENDED DAILY INTAKE OF 2 PORTIONS (2×30 g).


    IHS Double Impact 280 g



    Creating DOUBLE IMPACT, we decided to make its content innovational and simple at the same time – citruline malate (2:1), arginine alphaketoglutarate (2:1), N-carbamoyl glutamate and B1 vitamin guarantee its full efficiency. DOUBLE IMPACT will fill your muscles and make you feel fascinated with them like never before! (2:1 means that in the case of citruline malate one moecule of malic acid has two molecules of citruline, and in AAKG one molecule of ketoglutarate has 2 molecules of arginine. In case of products from other companies who keep the 1:1 proportion, one molecule of malic acid has one molecule of citruline – this is why our supplements
    are twice as efficient as competitive products, with still the same dose of AAKG and citruline malate).

    As the first suplement on Polish market, DOUBLE IMPACT contains N-carbamoyl glutamate – one of the strongest nitric oxide precursors which, together with arginine alphaketoglutarate, through its influence on blood vessels dilation makes muscles better supplied with blood, and blood flow increase without increasing general blood pressure allows blood to supply muscles and tissues wih larger amounts of oxygen, carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and hormones necessary to their growth. Additionally, DOUBLE IMPACT stimulates human growth hormone secretion – thanks to which your workouts should be brought up to the next level. Moreover, DOUBLE IMPACT affects lipolysis even more effectively, which can positively affect the appearance of your muscles. It has been proved that citruline malate can increase the amount of nitrix oxide which plays an important role in numerous functions – it regulates blood vessels dilation, blood flow and cellular respiration. Whereas arginine is the main nitric oxide precursor, it also provokes protein synthesis, which helps to develop muscles as well as make them bigger, stronger and endurance. Citruline malate also affects the process of nitric metabolic products elimination. Citruline helps to remove them from muscle cells during recovery after a hard workout. It should matter to everyone who cares about effective development of their muscles and good recovery after exhausting workouts. If you’re a person who relies on the best quality products and doesn’t like to compromise, DOUBLE IMPACT is just for you!
    Using DOUBLE IMPACT you will definitely get a hyper long pump effect in your muscles, which should result in the increase of your strength, mass and development of your muscles.

    INTENDED FOR: strength disciplines like bodybuilding and fitness, all other
    disciplines in the cycle of strength and muscle mass development.

    DOSAGE: use 1 (5g) to 2 (10g) servings directly before workout, stirred in a glass of





    Arginine alpha ketoglutarate (2:1), Citrulline Malate (2:1), agmatine, thiamine hydrochloride. Sweetener: sucralose. Anti-caking agent: magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide.

    Qualitative composition including active substances

    Amount per serving (5 caps)

    Alpha ketoglutarate arginine

    3200 mg

    Citrulline malate

    1400 mg

    N-carbamoyl glutamate

    300 mg

    Vitamin B1

    5 mg


    RDI – Reference Daily Intake in %


    RECOMMEND USE:Use only on training days, 1 measure (5 g) dissolved in 200 ml of water, eat the morning off with breakfast and 1 serving (5 g) dissolved in 200 ml of water, eat right before a workout. NOTE: DO NOT EXCEED THE RECOMMENDED DAILY INTAKE (5 g).


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