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Nokia Body Weight and BMI Wi-Fi Smart Scale

NOKIA-BODY 1 Year Warranty
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  • Nokia Body Weight & BMI Wi-Fi Smart Scale

    Smart scale. Smarter you. Meet your new accountability partner. Nokia Body offers a complete weight tracking experience tailored to individuals seeking easy, effective weight management. Weighing in is just the first step. Each session also provides instant feedback via weight trend and BMI screens, plus automatic sync to a free app on your smartphone, so you can track progress any time, anywhere.

    Invite the whole family: Up to eight users can be automatically recognized, and each person's data will be independently synced to their Health Mate profile.

    Track your child's growth: Monitor your baby's weight simply by stepping on the scale while holding them in your arms.

    Get support during pregnancy: Expecting mothers can activate Pregnancy Mode to easily and accurately track pregnancy weight gain.

    Oh-so trendy: In addition to weight, the scale screen displays a trend screen of your last 8 weighins and automatically calculates your BMI, so you immediately know where you stand.

    Ready, aim, achieve: Stay on track by setting a weight goal in the Health Mate app, or by logging food with the built-in nutrition tracking feature. Then sit back and follow your progress as all scale data automatically syncs to the app via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.



    • Precision counts : Position Control technology delivers highly precise measurements accurate to .2 pounds.
    • Howdy Partner : Health Mate Pairs with over 100 health and fitness apps to support all your goals.
    • Personnal Planner : View a local weather report directlyo on the scale screen to help you prepare for the day.



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