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Nokia Home HD Home and Baby Monitoring (Security) Camera

NOKIA-HOME 1 Year Warranty
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  • Nokia Home Review & Specifications (Dubai, UAE)


    Your home's eyes, ears and knows:Be home from anywhere: With its ability to stream HD video and facilitate family interactions, Nokia Home is the most comprehensive house monitoring solution.


    Set up an ingenious home monitoring system in seconds

    Smart HD camera

    • 5Mpx, 1080p
    • x12 zoom
    • Night vision


    Live stream on your smartphone

    • Stream via Wifi or 3G/4G
    • Event tracking
    • Customizable alerts


    Video recording

    • Events recorder
    • 48h timelapse
    • Premium plan : Up to 30 days video


    Now playing: Your Home on every screen imaginable: Home works with your smartphone, your tablet, your Apple watch and is the first camera you can stream on your Apple TV.

    Keep track of the usual, be alerted to the unusual: Home features advanced tracking to detect noise and motion, and the ability to alert you only when necessary.

    Never miss a special moment: Travel through time and see what’s happening and what happened up to 30 days ago.

    • Live Streaming and Smart alerts
    • Last few hours Timeline of events
    • Last 48 hours Timelapse animations
    • Up to 30 days Watch, download & share HD videos


    Home has what other baby monitors don’t

    Baby monitoring mode & push-to-talk: Instant audio and motion alerts right to your smartphone even on lock screen. Plus enjoy live two-way talk at any time.

    Your baby in high-definition, day or night: Connect in HD video of your baby’s room day or night thanks to a 135° wide angle lens and high-quality night vision.

    Lulla Light & Music programs: Control music paired with customized LED light sequences to entertain and soothe your baby, especially when used as part of a bedtime routine.

    The safest environment: Diapers, detergents or lack of aeration: Home tracks and notifies you if it senses dangerous levels of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC).

    Home also protects against invisible hazards

    Air quality sensors give real-time feedback to help you build a healthier environment: Nokia Home keeps watch over indoor air pollution, which is invisible and can be ten times higher than outdoor air pollution. An easy-to-understand graph, available in the app, shows you past and current levels of Volatile Organic Compounds. If they reach unhealthy levels, Home blinks red and sends a notification. With this data at hand, you are able to make timely decisions, like opening the windows when using cleaning products or after assembling a piece of pressed-wood furniture.



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