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PurePharma PR3 Protein

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  • PurePharma PR3 Protein

    PROTEIN IS NOT ENOUGH. PR3 OFFERS MORE: PR3 protein powder combines organic rice protein, evaporated coconut water and bioactive collagen to offer a complete and natural recovery. PurePharma PR3 is combined for perfect recovery, and provides what your body really needs to rebuild, replenish & restore.

    • Rebuild muscles post-workout.
    • Replenish lost electrolytes.
    • Strengthen connective tissues.


    Organic Rice Protein Build a Stronger You: During workouts you break down muscle. You need the right building blocks to aid recovery and rebuild muscle. 24 grams of protein gently extracted from sprouted brown rice provide your muscles with the essential nutrients they need to rebuild, so you are ready for the next challenge.

    Organic Coconut Water Sweat, Replenish, Repeat: Hard work has a price, and for you the price is sweat which contains electrolytes. Restore what's lost with refreshing freeze-dried organic coconut water.

    Collagen Peptides No More Weak Links: Your body is only as strong as its weakest link and pushing hard can be taxing on your body. Collagen is a fundamental element in tendons, ligaments and cartilage. 2.5 grams of powerful bioactive collagen gives you the support you need to keep pushing your limits.

    PURE RECOVERY NEVER TASTED THIS GOOD: Reward yourself after a tough workout. PR3 is made with delicious organic cocoa. Mix 1 scoop with water or your favorite beverage. Try blending with bananas, berries or ice cubes to make your own favorite flavor with all the essential nutrients your body craves. Each bottle packs 25 tasty and powerful servings....


    • Organic Rice Protein.
    • Organic Coconut Water.
    • Collagen Peptides.
    • Organic Dutch Cocoa.
    • Organic Stevia.
    • Xanthan Gum.


    Quality Standards

    • NO GMO: Using only natural ingredients. Taking good care of you and nature.
    • DAIRY FREE: No milk proteins or lactose. Easily absorbed; gentle on your stomach.
    • GLUTEN FREE: No worries, no gluten.    
    • GMP CERTIFIED: GMP regulations set forward by the US FDA provide guidance for manufacturing, testing and quality assurance.
    • ORGANIC INGREDIENTS: 93% organic. Using only the purest ingredients while taking good care of nature.
    • NO ARTIFICIAL ADDITIVES: No sucralose, aspartame or artificial colors. We like to keep it clean and simple.


    Tech Specs

    • Complete Amino Acid Profile.
    • Essential Electrolytes.
    • Bioactive Collagen.
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