• Absteel Gel + Beaufit 80Caps

Quamtrax Absteel Gel + Beaufit 80Caps Box

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  • Quamtrax Absteel Gel  + Beaufit 80Caps Box

    Quamtrax Sculpt Absteel with Beaufit Caps Bundle is a new and effective cream designed for men to lose fat in men’s problem areas, especially in the abdominal. In addition it also helps in managing and retaining water in the skin and prevents the storage of fat in the most critical areas. The cream works in the microcirculation of the skin by using different plant extracts. This effect is crucial for draining accumulated fluid under the skin and to reduce fatty nodules, which are responsible for the formation of cellulite. By speeding up the burning of accumulated fat and with improved metabolism of the subcutaneous tissue the daily skin tone improves significantly.



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