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Quamtrax Amino Acids & BCAA Gluta-5 400G

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  • Qumatrax Amino Acids & BCAA Gluta-5 400G - QAABG-400

    Glutamine, BCAA and taurine, the perfect combination for maximum recovery.

    Glutamine, BCAA and taurine, the perfect combination for maximum recovery.

    Here we have one of the most complete products for muscle recovery after the wear experienced in the most intense workouts or in the frenetic pace of the day. With Glutamine we experience a great muscular recovery, a better cellular hydration and an important anticatabolic effect that will avoid putting at risk the musculature. BCAAs are essential amino acids since our body does not produce them and we have to obtain them externally. They are the most important in favor of a muscular construction through the increase of the anabolic state of our organism. With taurine we experience a better response of our musculature to nerve stimuli.

    Together we have a perfect recovery mix and muscle builder.


    L-glutamine (Quality Kyowa®), dehydrated lemon powder, L-leucine, L-taurine, L-valine, L-isoleucine, Sweeteners: saccharine and sucralose, Colorant (riboflavin), flavorings.

    How to use - Dissolve one cazito (16 g.) In 400 cc. Of water and take two shots a day, one immediately before and one immediately after training.

    Presentation - 400 g. And 800 g.



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