• Quamtrax Carbohydrates Vitargo 1000 G Price in UAE
  • Quamtrax Carbohydrates Vitargo 1000 G Price in Dubai

Quamtrax Carbohydrates Vitargo 1000 G

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  • Quamtrax Carbohydrates Vitargo 1000 G - QCV-1000

    The patented Vitargo formula for maximum energy efficiency.

    The patented Vitargo  formula for maximum energy efficiency. Vitargo is a carbohydrate specially formulated and patented to favor the quickest recovery of intramuscular glycogen, which will allow us to develop the maximum potential in the training. It has a high molecular weight and a low glycemic index, so it does not produce heaviness by staying short in the stomach and is assimilated progressively over time as it does not contain sugars, which makes the energy contribution is sustained. In addition, Vitargo  certifies one of the lowest levels of osmolarity, which minimizes the risk of stomach problems.

    It is perfect to take before, during and / or after training since the energy supply will be stable, allowing to favor the highest performance.

    • A high molecular weight and low glycemic index
    • Low osmolarity to avoid gastrointestinal problems.
    • Patented Vitargo formula for maximum quality.


    Starch (Vitargo), citric acid, lyophilized orange powder *, natural flavors * and sweeteners: E-959 (Neohesperidine) and E-950 (Acesulfame-K). Only in orange flavor.

    How to use 

    • To load: 1 serving in 6 dl of water. Prolonged training: Start charging 3 days before the competition. Drink 2 measures between meals throughout the day.
    • As a drink during training: 1 measure mixed with 8-10 ml of water Prolonged training: 1 measure mixed with 8-10 dl of water during the match.
    • For Recovery: 1 measure mixed with 6 dl of water or milk immediately after training. Preparation: Mix the product with 200 ml of water. Shake vigorously for 1 to 2 minutes and add the remaining water to make up to ¾ liter.

    Flavor - Pure




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