• Quamtrax Carbohydrates Vitargo 2500G Price in UAE
  • Quamtrax Carbohydrates Vitargo 2500G Price in Dubai

Quamtrax Carbohydrates Vitargo 2500G

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  • Quamtrax Carbohydrates Vitargo 2500G - QCV-2500

    The perfect combination "all in one" for a complete nutritional contribution.

    The perfect combination "all in one" for a complete nutritional contribution.

    Here is one of the signs that Quamtrax is one of the benchmarks in sports supplementation by presenting us this complete and tremendously anabolic formula for the maximum attainment of a physical and energetic performance.

    It contains the patented Vitargo ™ carbohydrate that will provide us with a prolonged energy intake without added sugars and with a rapid gastric emptying. It also adds a high percentage of whey protein isolate obtained by cross-flow microfiltration (CFM ™) to promote maximum muscle building. All of this is topped with the addition of Kre-Alkalyn ™ creatine, which will prevent intracellular fluid retention at the same time as it promotes greater explosive strength and energy efficiency by improving ATP synthesis, and KYOWA ™ glutamine to promote better protein assimilation Ingested, avoid catabolism and maximize muscle recovery at all times.


    Starch (patented Vitargo) Whey protein isolate.Creatine, sweeteners (Neoheperidine, acesuifam-K), L-Valine, L-Glutamine, L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine, chocolate aroma, defatted cocoa powder. Nutrition Facts 100.gr Vitargo 53.35%, Isolate whey protein 25.16%, L-Glutamine 2.44%, Kre-Alkalyn 1.95%, L-Valine 0.97%, L-Isoleucine 0.48% .

    How to use - Take a TOTAL Vitargo service (7 cacitos) immediately after training. To get maximum benefits you can take another shot just before. On the days of rest make only one drink.

    Presentation - 3.1 Lb. (1.400 gr.), 5.5 Lb. (2.500 g), 8.8 Lb. (4,000 gr.).

    Flavor - Chocolate, Forest Fruits and Vanilla Lemon.



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