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SFD Nutrition Mass Activator 7 Kg

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  • SFD Nutrition Mass Activator 7 Kg

    MASS ACTIVATOR is a gainer with high nutritional value, which is an excellent source of food protein and carbohydrates. It contains easily digestible carbohydrates that facilitate the rapid growth of lean body mass. Like other SFD products, MASS ACTIVATOR has all the certificates of high quality, which is checked on a regular basis. Adding an attractive price to it, we get a top-shelf product for every budget! Gainer is the best solution in the process of building muscle mass.

    MASS ACTIVATOR is a gainer that was created for athletes, active people or people in the post-workout regeneration phase of the body. Our gainer in one serving contains 14 g of protein, 49.1 g of carbohydrates and only 0.2 g of fat .

    Characteristics of maize starch:

    waxy maize starch, characterized by a very high proportion of amylopectin - a characteristic carbohydrate with a very high molecular weight and specific properties. The structure of glucose polymers (e.g. amylopectin) has a significant impact on the rate of their digestion in the gastrointestinal tract, branched chains of amylopectin are characterized by greater availability for digestive enzymes than in the case of amylose, hence waxy maize is characterized by faster digestion.

    Although waxy maize starch is often compared to vitargo (a patented carbohydrate formula), there are reasons to believe that the digestion rate and the rate of replenishment of muscle glycogen are not the same in the case of the above.

    Waxy maize is a part of advanced carbohydrate, carbohydrate and protein preparations, creatine stacks including per-workout supplements. It is recommended to use as a dietary supplement in carbohydrates for people showing increased demand or having problems with providing the right amount from conventional food sources.

    • Rapid Increase In Lean Body Mass
    • An Excellent Source Of Food Protein
    • 14 G Protein Per Serving
    • Contains Hydrolyzed Cornstarch
    • The Product Does Not Contain Gluten!
    • The Highest Quality Confirmed By Relevant Certificates

    Ingredients: 70.2% carbohydrate complex (hydrolyzed corn starch, dextrose), 24.5% protein complex (whey protein concentrate, whey protein isolate - from milk) , stabilizer E414, acidity regulator malic acid, reduced fat cocoa for flavors chocolate, cochineal dye for taste: cherry, strawberry, blueberry, peach, honey, lawyer, sweetener sucralose.

    Recommended portioning

    One portion (70g - 3 scoops) should be mixed with 300ml cold water or milk and eat immediately after preparation. Depending on calories and body load, consume 1-3 servings daily. Notes: May contain traces of sunflower lecithin, nuts and other animal derived proteins. The protein content of the product is given in dry matter.

    Available Flavors - Banana, Caramel, Chocolate, Cookies, Strawberry, Vanilla and White Chocolate




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