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Stadler Form Albert Dehumidifier

A-_040E 1 Year Warrenty
AED 3,783.00
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  • Stadler Form Albert Dehumidifier - A-_040E 

    For your home or office, spring and summer humidity can make even air conditioned rooms feel sticky, and modern HVAC units are simply not built to cool and remove the excess moisture that can lead to mold growth. So what do you do? Most people opt for a room dehumidifier, and while they work at removing excess humidity, these are often bulky, heavy and loud. The Stadler Form Albert dehumidifier eliminates each of these problems while keeping your home of office comfortable and free of excess moisture. The Albert is a refrigerant style dehumidifier, but you would never guess it by how quietly it operates! An easy-to-read LED screen gives you accurate humidity readings in the room and allows you to set a timer, adjust the desired humidity, set your fan speed, and even dim the display for use at night. Oscillating louvers keep air circulating around the room more efficiently, and two water removal options provide flexibility. Lightweight, the Albert has a set of integrated casters that makes moving it from room to room easy and simple. 

    There are a lot of room dehumidifiers available today, but despite the choices available, there is only one Stadler Form Albert dehumidifier. Treat yourself to award winning design and an array of practical and convenient features, all while keeping your home healthy.



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