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STRENX By Gymwatch - Fitness Trainer Watch

STRENX-GYMWATCH Discontinued from Manufacturer
AED AED 549.00 AED 659.00 AED 110.00
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  • GYMWATCH: This is smart strength training to go. Analyze your strength training professionally. With Strenx by Gymwatch. Scientifically, precisely and effectively. Gymwatch review: Doing a single exercise, like lifting a weight, is pretty easy. Doing an exercise well, on the other hand, is pretty hard.... Buy Online Gym equipments & Gym Watches buy @ hyjiyastore.com. The GymWatch is a fitness tracker that for once is not about counting steps or monitoring how much sleep (or lack of sleep) you get every night. This is a wearable that's built for the gym, specifically people that head straight for the weights. Strength training Anywhere & anytime. A sensor analyzing your workout. This is smart strength training to go…!!!


    What GYMWatch Can Do...?

    STRENX Watch mission? I improve your strength training. Scientifically. Precisely and effectively. In combination with a free app. I am your new Anytime & Everywhere.

    I watch out for you: I observe and monitor your strength training in real time so that you don’t hurt yourself. So that you find out if you carry out exercises correctly and if you stress your muscles efficiently. I provide you with immediate audio-visual feedback. And my long-term analysis improves your workout with a lasting effect.

    Welcome To the team: Join our active community. We look forward to meeting you! Exchange your progress and results with others on facebook.”



    HyjiyaStore is a wellness platform to buy Smarthealth, Fitness Accessories, Activity Trackers and STRENX By Gymwatch - Fitness Trainer Watch in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, UAE. Now Shipping to Doha Qatar, KSA - Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman in the GCC and 1 Day Delivery in UAE.

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