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Sweat Guard Antiperspirant Dab-On (Extra Strength Antiperspirant)

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  • About Sweat Guard Antiperspirant Dab-On:

    Sweat is essential to human survival and serves as the body’s coolant, protecting it from overheating. For people with excessive sweating, the sweat glands overreact to stimuli and are just generally overactive producing more sweat than necessary. Sweat is made up of 99 percent water and small bits of carbs, salt, protein and urea. Like urine, sweat is sterile and odorless when it is first secreted, only generating its revealing odor as the liquid is fermented by environmental bacteria.

    How it works:

    Sweat Guard Antiperspirant contains 20 % Aluminium Chloride, which acts as a barrier on the externals of the sweat glands. As a result, the sweat is prevented  from passing to the skin. Furthermore, Aluminium Chloride helps prevent bad smell, as it has an inhibiting effect on bacteria.

    Excessive Sweating / Hyperhidrosis:

    On average, most people produce around 1 liter of sweat daily. Most of it evaporates from our skin, so we don't feel it. Factors that can make us sweat include exercise, stress, strong emotions, illness, fever, and reactions to medications or surgery. For women, they tend to sweat more during pregnancy or menopause. Sweating heavily without a logical reason, could mean that the person may be experiencing excessive sweating. This is when the person continues to sweat a lot, even when not active. 

    What are Antiperspirants?

    Antiperspirants help prevent sweating. They are different from deodorants which only mask body odor. Antiperspirants prevent sweat and also keep you smelling fresh. They contain active ingredients called Aluminum salts, which dissolve into the moisture on the skin surface. The salts sit on top of the sweat glands, reducing the amount of sweat they release. Many antiperspirants contain alcohol, which helps them dry faster and produces a pleasant cooling sensation. All the ingredients used in antiperspirants are safe.

    Advantages of Dab-On Applicators:

    is a control-flow applicator, where the flow of the fluid from the bottle to the skin is controlled. The applicator contains a spring in the bottle sealing, which ensures that each time it is applied, only a precise amount of fluid is discharged. This ensures maximum amount control, so overdosing does not happen. It also allows for high accuracy to the areas where it is applied on, unlike sprays or roll-ons where there is less accuracy.



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