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Thane Total Flex Home Gym AB Machine

TOTAL-FLEX Delivery Depends on Locations. Charges may apply for remote areas. WhatsApp 055 930 7424 for any help
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  • For your legs, hips and butt there are squats, leg raises, inner & outer thigh adductions and more. There are even multiple abdominal moves like the seated crunch, oblique twist, and crunch combo. Included workout charts and DVDs show you just how fun, fast and easy it is to flow from move to move for an awesome total body workout. For your arms and back, try the flys, lat pulls, shoulder presses or bicep curls. With the ultra compact Thane Total Flex Home Gym AB Machine get sculpted and strong while women get lean and long. The Total Flex secret is progressive resistance that comes preloaded in the right and left Power Pods. Whether you're an exercise beginner or a fitness pro, you just select the resistance level that's best for you and then choose from over 50 different exercises available.

    • The Total Flex comes virtually fully assembled.
    • Featured in Maximum Fitness and Muscle magazine.
    • Best of all, Total Flex folds up smaller than a suitcase.
    • Whatever your fitness level: from beginner to advanced, the Total Flex puts you in a safe, comfortable position.
    • Total Flex sculpts every part of your body.


    Note : Delivery Charges will be extra depends upon location.


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