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Visiomed Thermoflash Thermometer - LX-360

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  • Visiomed Thermoflash Thermometer - LX-360 it’s non-contact medical/clinical thermometer. The latest generation of no-contact, infrared, electronic medical thermometer, equipped with the latest generation of unique automatic calibration technology, called MicroSecondFlash™. In a simple operation, ThermoFlash® LX-360 measures the body temperature at a distance of 2 to 5 cm of the right side of the forehead (temple) in less than one second. Quick and accurate, just point ThermoFlash® LX-360 toward the right temporal artery from the forehead to get your temperature instantly without contact, with no pain and safely.

    Immediate temperature measurement without contact in less than one second No-contact and painless : Measures the body temperature at a distance of 2 to 5 cm of the right side of the forehead (temple). Unique technology clinically tested in hospital Emergency service of children hospital, Clinical trials made at the Paris public hospital system (AP-HP).

    Easy to use, only one button to press for 3 different modes of temperature measurement BODY: for the body temperature measurement SURFACE TEMP: for the temperature of the bath, bottle, food) ROOM: for the ambient temperature measurement.


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