• Be Beauty Oxi Emulsion 1000ml PRice in UAE
  • Be Beauty Oxi Emulsion 1000ml PRice in UAE

Be Beauty Oxi Emulsion 1000ml

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  • Be Beauty Oxi Emulsion 1000ml - BB2202

    Oxidant Soft and stabilized oxidizing emulsion that guarantees volumes and pH appropriated in each phase of the coloration service. It assures a soft and conditioning action to the hair together with a cosmetic protection to the skin a cosmetic protection to the skin. Available packing: 10 volume %3 – 20 volume %6 – 30 volume %9 – 40 volume %12.


    • Soft and Stabilized emulsion.
    • Guarantees volumes and pH
    • Seed Oils
    • Natural Multi-faceted Colors.
    • Adds instant strength to distressed hair

    Available in

    • 20 V 6%
    • 30V 9 %
    • 40V  12%



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