• Body Attack Beta Alanine 300 GM - BA-BA
  • Body Attack Beta Alanine 300 GM - BA-BA

Body Attack Beta Alanine 300 GM - BA-BA

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  • Body Attack Beta Alanine 300 GM - BA-BA

    Carnosine, produced after intake of Beta Alanine, can help balance the Carnosine reserves and postpone acidification of the muscles. It is therefore particularly suited to athletes wishing to prevent premature muscle fatigue.

    100% Beta Alanine by My Supps is a non-essential amino acid of natural prevalence which bonds with the amino acid Histidine upon entering the body. In general, Histidine is always present in the body, provided nutrition remains rich in protein, e.g. by consuming sufficient food stuffs such as chicken, soy beans and tuna.

    Carnosine has the task of buffering and neutralising hydrogen ions. This buffering means that the pH value in the muscles does not sink, hence preventing any acidification and premature muscle fatigue.

    Lactic acid is produced in large quantities, especially during brief, intense training such as weight training.

    100 % Beta Alanine by My Supps is also ideal for people wishing to maintain a carbohydrate-rich nutrition while eating only small amounts of white meat.

    100% Beta Alanine - 300g

    • 100 % pure Beta Alanine
    • Additive-free
    • Ideal for strength & competitive athletes



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