• BodyBuilding Signature Mass Gainer 5lb - Chocolate Ice Cream Best Price in UAE

BodyBuilding Signature Mass Gainer 5lb - Chocolate Ice Cream

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  • BodyBuilding Signature Mass Gainer 5lb - Chocolate Ice Cream

    Supercharge your muscle-building efforts with BodyBuilding Signature Mass Gainer, available in a delectable Chocolate Ice Cream flavor. This premium mass gainer is specially formulated to help you pack on muscle mass, providing a perfect blend of protein, carbohydrates, and essential nutrients. Ideal for hard gainers and athletes, BodyBuilding Signature Mass Gainer supports your intense training regimen and helps you achieve your physique goals.

    - Delivers 810 calories, 50g protein, and 133g carbs 

    - Includes whey isolate, milk protein concentrate, and whey concentrate

    - Optimizing protein utilization with probiotics

    - Provide sustained energy without blood sugar spikes

    Product Highlights:

    - High-Calorie Formula: Each serving delivers a high-calorie blend to help you achieve your caloric surplus and support muscle growth.

    - Protein-Rich: Packed with high-quality protein to support muscle repair and growth, ensuring you get the necessary building blocks for muscle mass.

    - Delicious Chocolate Ice Cream Flavor: Indulge in the rich, creamy taste of chocolate ice cream, making it easy and enjoyable to meet your caloric and protein intake goals.

    - Complex Carbohydrates: Includes a blend of complex carbohydrates to provide sustained energy and support glycogen replenishment after intense workouts.

    - Essential Nutrients: Fortified with vitamins and minerals to support overall health and optimize your muscle-building efforts.

    - Easy Mixing: The advanced formula mixes effortlessly with water or milk, providing a smooth, lump-free shake every time.



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