• Chikalab Protein Chika Danish Biscuits 1x9 Best Price in UAE
  • Chikalab Protein Chika Danish Biscuits 1x9 Best Price in Dubai

Chikalab Protein Chika Danish Biscuits 1x9 Packs

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  • Chikalab Protein Chika Danish Biscuits 1x9

    Can biscuits be good for you? Of course, if it is made on the basis of quality protein. The Chikalab brand invites its consumers to appreciate the taste of Chika Biscuit protein biscuit biscuits.

    Such cookies are simply created for the moments when you want something so sweet that a breakdown of a long diet is brewing. Such a development of events may not inspire optimism, so you should arm yourself with a set of protein biscuit cookies. Each 50g treat contains 15 grams of protein from a combination of whey and milk concentrate sources. The high fiber content (15.5 grams per serving) will help digestion and better satiety, dulling hunger for long periods of time. In situations where the next meal is far away, very good quality. There are no simple sugars or preservatives in these cookies. Moreover, it is not glazed.

    Chikalab Chika Biscuit:

    - Protein biscuits

    - Unglazed

    - 15 grams of protein in one cookie

    - Whey and milk concentrates in the base

    - 15.5 grams of fiber in each cookie

    - No sugar or preservatives

    - Provides long-lasting saturation.

    Consume as a healthy snack any time of the day.



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