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Stadler Form Albert Little Dehumidifier

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  • Powerful Moisture Extraction with Low Energy Costs.

    The Stadler Form Albert Little home dehumidifier is brand new for 2014. He removes up to 10 litres of excess moisture from your home per day and is very quiet, compact and energy efficient.

    Swiss Styling
    Stadler Form are famed for their gorgeous award winning designs and designer Matti Walker has received great recognition for his work in creating the Albert Little dehumidifier and its bigger brother who is simply entitled 'Albert'. Smooth lines, simple uncluttered controls and a solid build quality are all trademarks of Stadler Form Designs and Albert Little is definitely our most attractive and accomplished small dehumidifier.

    Not Just A Pretty Face    
    Albert Little is not all about design and good looks however. The most important thing about a home dehumidifier is its ability to remove excess moisture and control mould, dampness and condensation throughout your home. Leave Albert Little on in a central point in your home and he will control the humidity levels automatically to maintain a fresh , healthy atmosphere through the whole house with virtually no input required from you other than occasionally emptying the water tank. Even this aspect has been thought out better than most other dehumidifier brands.  Albert Little has a 2 litre water tankas opposed to the usual 1 litre tank found on most similar machines. That means the water tank only needs to beemptied around half as often as other dehumidifiers!

    Programmable Humidity Levels , Swing Function and Laundry Dry Ready.
    Albert Little will never over dry  your home. All you have to do to maintain a healthy atmosphere is to choose one of the pre-set humidity levels on Albert's control panel and he will do the rest, switching himself on and off as and when required without wasting unnecessary electricity. More and more people are now also Drying Laundry indoors. This can cause excess condensation on windows along with black mould and dampness throughout the home unless the moisture coming from the clothes is collected at source very quickly.  Albert Little is a very competent laundry dryer and will safely dry your clothes more quietly and using far less electricity than a basic tumble dryer can. Simply place him near the damp clothes, turn him on to constant and activate the swinging louvre function, he will do the rest.   

    Night Mode
    You may plan to use your dehumidifier either in or near to your bedroom. If so, you will want it to be as quiet as possible. Albert Little has a specific 'Night Mode' which dims the display and turns the fan on to its quietest setting therefore meaning you can still get a good nights sleep whilst Albert is working to maintain the correct humidity levels.

    Best in Class Sound Levels
    The top quality components and build quality used in manufacturing the Albert Little dehumidifier combine to give it best in class sound levels of 32-42dB, meaning on its lowest setting it is whisper quiet and is easily the quietest dehumidifier small dehumidifier we have.

    'Invisible' Wheels for Easy Transportation
    As with all Stadler Form designs, the quality is often most evident in the attention to detail. The Albert Little dehumidifier has a set of easy glide castors fitted on the underside helping to make moving him around a breeze. Stadler Form did not want the look of the dehumidifier to be spoiled by these so it was decided the castors should be hidden underneath the machine  and protected by a low 'skirt' around the bottom. The end result is 'invisible' castors and we at Breathing Space think it is a real piece of ingenuity.

    Auto Shut of and Permanent Drainage
    When Albert Little's internal water tank is full there is no need to worry, he will switch himself off and alert you via a light on the control panel that you need to empty his tank. The emptying process takes seconds and no tools are required. Simply slide out the water tank and pour the collected moisture down a sink or use it for your plants. Then simply slide the tank back into place and he is ready to go all over again. Alternatively, you can attach one end of the provided 'constant drainage hose' to Albert and point the other end down the sink or into a drain and he will drain permanently with no further input required from you. This is an ideal feature to use if you are going on holiday and want Albert Little to continue working whilst you are away.

    Breathing Space Summary
    Albert Little is not particularly cheap compared to most 10 Litre dehumidifiers, but in truth he is easily the most competent 10 Litre dehumidifier we have ever come across. The sumptuous design, low noise levels, energy efficiency and superior build quality coupled with it's 2 year home collection warranty make it our small dehumidifier best buy choice for 2014.



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