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PurePharma D3 Vitamin Coconut Formula

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  • PurePharma D3 Vitamin Coconut Formula

    Vitamin D3, gently extracted from a natural source, with organic coconut oil to ensure maximum absorption.

    • Organic coconut oil.
    • 2500 IU per capsule.
    • 5 Star IFIT award.


    Help Your Body Get Better

    Strong Bones: Vitamin D is essential for bone mineralization, the intestinal absorption and metabolism of calcium.

    Improve Immune Function: Vitamin D activates immune defense, and the active form of vitamin D has a great influence on multiple immune cells.

    Reduce Risk of Osteoporosis: Vitamin Ds influence on bone health significantly reduces the risk of osteoporosis.


    Essential To Existense: Current research has highlighted its significant physiological influence with effects including cell proliferation (cell growth and apoptosis – cell death) and differentiation, inflammation, the immune system, the endocrine system, the renin-angiotensin system, insulin resistance, and lipid metabolism.



    • Organic Coconut Oil.
    • 5-Star IFIT Award.
    • Natural Vitamin D3.
    • Documented GMO Free.
    • No Banned Substances.
    • Naturally Extracted.


    Scientifically Proven: PurePharma D3 is rooted in a core of scientific research. We create only the most evidence-based products, offering complete assurance that the supplements are of absolute benefit and quality. Our team of experts maintain a close relationship with the most up to date scientific research. All products are constantly updated and developed according to latest research.


    Other Ingredients. Explained.

    • Organic Coconut Oil.
    • Purified Water.
    • Gelatin.
    • Caramel Color.
    • Glycerin.



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